BrainCo was founded to make what we hope are interesting and entertaining films and to work with talented folks who feel the same way about movies and videos as we do.

BrainCo has participated in every Hampton Roads 48 Hour Film Project. We've won audience choice award 3 times, been runner ups, and several other categories, including best actor and best director. We've also been accepted in several film competitions, and won first place for short film in the Appalachian Film Festival and the S.N.O.B Film festival, as well as Honorable Mentions in the Roanoke Film Festival and Carolina Film and Video Festival.

Wait a minute, who's flying this thing‽

These people make up the "Brain Stem" of BrainCo. They're pretty special. And by "special," we mean THAT Kind of "Special."

James Shearer

Executive Producer/Writer/
Head Honcho

James, despite being one of the founding members of BrainCo, probably won't write a bio about himself, because he hates this kind of thing. So this is here until we twist his arm enough to write it. Taaahdahhhh.

Bill Powers

 (William H. Powers)


Bill strives constantly to hone his skills and work with some of the best actors and production people in the area.

Meredith Powers

Editor/VFX/Computer Whisperer

Meredith can never figure out what to say in these kinds of things. So, on that note, here's a haiku she wrote:

Time creeps onwards still,
cobwebs growing in corners,
it's still rendering.