Bob Nelson and William H. Powers

Special Delivery

BrainCo finally did it! We won the 2014 Hampton Roads 48 Hour Film Project! Thank you to all who made this possible.


  • Best Actor, Bob Nelson
  • Best Costume
  • Best Use of Genre
  • Best Film


Special Delivery will screen at Filmapalooza in Los Angeles in March 2015.



Issues Webseries Season One Finale

BrainCo was invited to produce the season one finale of Issues. We had a ton of fun with this one! Muchos kudos to Channel 757 and Matt Wade for letting us run wild with it. Here it is in all its geektacular glory. Free Comic Book Day? Bah, humbug!

Want to catch up on the rest of season one? Click here!

Director: William H. Powers
Producers: James Shearer, Jay Ross
Editor/Graphics: Meredith Powers


BrainCo Wins Critic’s Choice Award for Project Hot Potato 2014


Brainco Productions won the Critic’s Choice Award at the 2014 Project Hot Potato competition! The Critic’s Choice award is “determined by a panel of judges composed of filmmakers, writers, actors, and film students. They are asked to watch all four submitted films and choose which they felt was the best short.”

Many thanks to Channel 757 for hosting the project, and many more thanks to all of our amazing cast and crew that worked all day, filmed all night, lost sanity temporarily, but in the end, made this possible. Couldn’t do it without you!


First Public Screening for Project Hot Potato

Why You DON’T Want to Miss Project Hot Potato 2014 (Channel 757)

BrainCo Productions was ecstatic to be included in the production lineup for Channel 757′s latest Project Hot Potato short film contest, where four different teams shot four different segments of the same short film. We were the first team to shoot, followed by the good folks at Mediajack, Fifty One Fifteen Productions, and last, but certainly not least, Jpixx. The film(s) will be screened in its (their?) entirety for the very first time this coming Saturday, along with trailers from other local productions. Come on out and support awesome people!

Also, major kudos to our very own Mr. Nick Ventura, who was nominated for the Most Valuable Actor Award. We’re so proud of him! Fingers crossed that he wins.

Who, what, when, where, how?

Be there or be square!


Project Hot Potato 2014

Brainco Productions has been selected to participate in Channel 757‘s 2014 Project Hot Potato! We are super excited!

From the Project Hot Potato page:

What is Project Hot Potato?

Channel 757 challenges 4 filmmakers to take on a project that is both a competition and a collaboration. These 4 filmmakers will each be given the task of making 4 different segments of the same film. This is Project Hot Potato.

The Rules:

  • Each team will be led by one Project Leader who will be responsible for assembling each team’s crew, communicating with Ch757 producers, and  the delivery of the team’s segment.
  • Each team’s segment is to be approx. 7 mins long. The teams will be given approx. 7 days to complete their segment.
  • There are 3 main Project Objectives that are to remain constant throughout all 4 segments.  The Main Character, The Project Theme, and The Hot Potato (Prop)
  • Each Project Leader will choose 3 additional Storyline Objectives that the next team will be required to complete.
  • The first team will be given the additional Storyline Objective of a Starting Location.  The last team will be given the additional Storyline Objective to Finish the Story  *Team 3′s storyline choices cannot interfere with the ending.
  • Project Leaders and any other members of different teams cannot discuss the Project Objectives or storyline of PHP.


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